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Affordability campaign will boost scholarships

A quality university education is an investment, as any person who knows the value of an advanced degree will tell you. Paying for it can be another story, as anyone with a degree also can tell you.
Abilene Christian University has made some bold moves to keep the cost of its education affordable. ACU already has an aggressive financial aid program ($80 million awarded this year), and the average freshman receives a package of $21,900 in grants, loans, scholarships and work-study. The new annual block tuition plan, which takes effect in Fall 2012, is designed to help students plan better, save money, graduate earlier and manage debt. Students will now pay one rate for up to 36 credit hours a year (including summer and online classes) for the same price as 30 hours, a nearly $6,000 savings over last year’s cost for the same number of credit hours.
In February, ACU launched the $50 million Partnering in the Journey affordability campaign to further increase student scholarships. This issue of ACU Today includes information you need to know about it, including profiles of donors who love giving to help students. Whether you graduated five or 50 years ago, every ACU student benefited from the generosity of others. Here’s a great opportunity to show your appreciation and help pave the way for another generation of Wildcats.
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