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Mobile-Learning Report now available online

ACU students, with iPads, were pictured in the presentation made Oct. 4 by Apple CEO Tim Cook during the company's introduction of its new Apple 4S in Cupertino, Calif.
Abilene Christian University’s 2010-11 Mobile-Learning Report is now online. The annual report for ACU’s award-winning mobile-learning initiative was first introduced Oct. 5-6 to participants at the university’s Connected Open House.
The limited-enrollment Open House brought 105 administrators, educators and technologists to campus from 20 universities and 10 K-12 schools. The guests toured the new AT&T Learning Studio on the top floor of Brown Library and explored with ACU faculty and staff how mobile devices are changing teaching and learning.
ACU was featured Oct. 7 in a story in Macworld UK about Apple’s dominance of what it calls the “emerging mobile enterprise.”  John Cox, a writer for Macworld Europe’s website, used Abilene Christian as the example of a university not only utilizing the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad to change the future of education, but researching how students use the mobile devices as well.
Connected Open House began the evening Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died, and the innovator/inventor was remembered by many who were present in ACU’s Hunter Welcome Center, including special guest John Couch, Apple’s worldwide vice president for education.
In late February 2011, Apple’s other co-founder, Steve Wozniak, was on campus to present at the biannual Connected Summit that attracted to ACU 546 educators, administrators, technologists, thought-leaders and policy-makers from nine nations.

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