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New five-part TEA video series features ACU

A new series of videos sponsored by the Texas Education Agency profiles the groundbreaking work being done by Abilene Christian University’s Department of Teacher Education to prepare future educators to infuse technology in their classrooms.
POWER ON TEXAS includes five video segments, “ACU’s Mobile-Learning Initiative Model of Innovation,” “A Model for 21st-Century Educator Preparation,” “Learning to Integrate Technology in the ‘Mess’ of a Real Classroom,” “Researching the Benefits of Project-Based Learning With the Integration of iPads” and “Incorporating Media Into Curriculum for 21st-Century Learners.” featuring ACU administrators, faculty, students and alumni.
The video series, which began three years ago, examines the K-12 digital learning revolution in classrooms of Texas schools. Previous videos have profiled seven school districts with exemplary programs for children. ACU is the first university the TEA has featured in POWER ON TEXAS.
In July, Abilene Christian conducted its first K-12 Digital Learning Institute to train teachers from across Texas to use mobile technology to enhance their lessons. The institute was made possible by a gift from AT&T that also helped create ACU’s new Learning Studio for faculty and students.
The state’s Long-Range Plan for Technology, 2006-2020 charts the course for Texas and provides recommendations for school districts in a variety of areas.