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Q&A with new alumni leader Craig Fisher

Craig Fisher (’92) was recently named director of alumni relations and annual projects at Abilene Christian University. He was most recently the president and CEO of Abilene Christian Schools, a role he filled after serving as elementary principal of Southwest Christian School in Fort Worth, Texas. He begins work at ACU on June 1.

Where were you born? I was born in Memphis, Tenn. My family moved to Texas when I was 10, and I finished growing up in North Richland Hills.
Who are your spouse and children? Beth Ann (Souder ’93) and I just celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. We have two boys: Riley (11) and Owen (7).
How did you and Beth Ann meet? We started a friendship while involved in Sing Song as students, dated some during our time at ACU and married after she graduated. She blesses my life every day; I am a lucky man.
What was your class year and degree/major? I graduated in 1992 with a B.A. in business administration from ACU. I received a master’s degree in educational administration in 1999 from the University of North Texas.
What kept you busy as a student, outside of class? I was on the Welcome Week steering committee; served several roles in Sing Song, including assistant stage manger, stage manager for clubs and classes, and co-chair; was active in Galaxy men’s social club; and was elected senior class president. I spent a lot of time with friends.
Which ACU professors influenced you the most while you were a student, and why? Dr. Rick Lytle worked to connect with and challenge me, and he was always excited about what he taught. Dr. John Willis spoke with wisdom while caring and influencing me beyond the classroom. Dr. Gary McCaleb was intentional about teaching and modeling leadership.
What was your best ACU memory as a student? ACU is a place where I met my wife and some of my very best friends. I was blessed to make memories with my roommates Brandon Scott Thomas, Chris Doggett and Stephen Bailey. I have great memories of times in the dorms, at football games, Chapel, pledging, breakfast in the Bean, watching the construction of the Onstead-Packer Biblical Studies Building, the excitement of Sing Song, Spring Break campaigns, Senate during my senior year, candlelight devos, and building relationships that have lasted a lifetime. It is difficult to pick one!
What did you learn at Abilene Christian Schools (ACS) that will help you most at ACU? I learned how great the community is in which we live. I saw the positive influence ACU has on many in the Abilene community. I learned how the relationship shared by ACS and the university is important to both institutions (ACS got its start on ACU’s campus). I learned the importance of Christian education in the spiritual formation of young people, and how we must be intentional about preparing the next generation to be leaders.
What did you learn on the ACU Alumni Advisory Board that will help you the most in your new role on campus? I was amazed at the diligent work that goes into making ACU such a great place. Serving on the AAB showed me the dynamics of ACU and how so many are involved to accomplish its 21st-Century Vision. I also learned how passionate and dedicated ACU graduates are and how vital they are to helping the university achieve its mission and fulfill its Promise to students.
How do you describe ACU to others? It’s a place that makes a difference: for the Kingdom of God, for each individual student and for the world. It’s a place where great learning and faith meet. It offers opportunity and is fun. I describe it as a place that will change people and prepare them to make a real difference in the world. Here, everyone can feel loved and a part of an amazing family.
What do you most look forward to in your new role? I look forward to being a different kind of ambassador for the university: helping each of us share our stories about ACU, strengthening the impact our alumni have throughout the world, and working for a place I am so deeply passionate about and committed to serving. Being a part of higher education after spending many years in K-12 Christian education is challenging and exciting.
When you walk across campus, what comes to mind? ACU has had a tremendous influence on my life, and I have great memories of what I experienced there as a student. I don’t think I will never lose that positive, special feeling as I walk across campus. I remember devos, friends, faculty, relationships, fun, etc. I also remember my journey to ACU. I was heading to another university but through a course of events, asked my parents late in the summer before my freshman year if we could visit ACU. After a few hours on campus and a tour, I knew this was the place for me. We went home and started packing, and I was back for Welcome Week a couple of weeks later.
How many purple ties do you own? I have a few and know I am going to have to add more purple to my closet. I need to make a trip to The Campus Store to do some more shopping. Do you think Dr. Money will let me borrow some of his ties?