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Johansson recounts whirlwind trip to Phantom

Annika Johansson
Annika Johansson
On a recent trip back home to Amarillo, Texas, former Abilene Christian University theatre graduate Annika Johansson (’06) sat down for a 30-minute interview on PBS affiliate KACV-TV 2 that provides a fascinating look inside her journey from an award-winning Austin Live Theatre actor to a part-time school teacher to the national tour of The Phantom of the Opera.
Ellen Robertson of “Face to Face” conducts the 28-minute interview, in which Johansson explains her pride in ACU, and her experiences on the road to her dreams of being a professional in musical theatre. Johansson explains that her role as Page/Don Juan Triumphant, is typically a primer for the opportunity to play Phantom‘s lead role of Christine. The national tour of Phantom will end in November after 18 years, so keep your fingers crossed that she’ll have that chance before the curtain falls on the road version of Broadway’s longest-running show, which plays year-round back home in New York City’s Majestic Theatre.
Ironically, the actor Johansson replaced on the national tour is her former ACU roommate, Juliette (Miller ’06) Trafton. Juliette and her husband, Stephen Trafton, will perform a special musical presentation, “Darkness and Light,” on Sept. 21 at the 104th annual Summit at ACU. The two met as cast members on Phantom. Stephen also has Broadway experience in Les Miserables to his credit, and Juliette filled Christine’s role in Phantom on several occasions.
You can still catch Johansson in Phantom in these cities: East Lansing, Mich. (May 19 – June 6); Dayton, Ohio (June 9-27); Altanta, Ga. (June 30 – July 25); Cleveland, Ohio (July 28 – Aug. 22); Pittsburgh, Pa. (Aug. 25 – Sept. 19); and Los Angeles (Sept. 23 – Nov. 10). Tickets can be purchased here.