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ACU receives media coverage related to iPad

ACU will partner with Apple to use the iPad in the classroom
Since Wednesday’s announcement of the iPad, the technological world has been speculating on how this device will be used – for business, personal and educational purposes. ACU, with its already-strong connection to Apple’s array of products, has received a slew of media coverage since the announcement.
Dr. William Rankin, director of educational innovation, who was featured on NBC Nightly News (see post below), wrote a guest post on the Open Culture blog yesterday, examining the challenges of each “age of information,” including the new age we’re entering now.
Since the iPad announcement, ACU has been featured in a long list of articles, blog posts and news stories, including the NBC Nightly News story, and at least 14 newscasts in outlets ranging from Dallas to Los Angeles. The university also has been interviewed by Wired, Inside Higher Ed and The Chronicle of Higher Education. The ACU press release about the iPad has been posted on at least 97 Web sites, including Forbes, CNBC, CBSNews and U.S. News & World Report. A Google search shows more than 2,160 postings of the release thus far.
The ACU Mobile-Learning Annual Report has been viewed online more than 7,500 times. You can view it here.
Some of the press coverage ACU has received this week is listed below: