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The sound of music

[Saturday night] From the time Dr. Tyson heard them singing casually when he first met them four years ago, the Malagasy students have used their remarkable a cappella singing talent to entertain audiences in places across the nation. The tight melodies of their native folk songs and familiar Christian hymns have melted hearts and made friends, and made them feel more quickly at home on ACU’s campus as well. The students sing heartily while putting on graduation robes for the ceremony, and later, perform 2 songs during it. Turns out it is not a peculiar coincidence that they vocalize so well. People in Madagascar simply love to sing. The voices echoing in the room this afternoon while their national anthem is played sounds more like a 625-member glee club, not a disparate group of people who happened to show up for a private event in a public space. Families and friends visit for more than 2 hours in a catered reception afterward, shooting photos of each other and at times, singing joyously with each other, too.