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The big day begins

[Saturday morning] I eat my first food (other than a couple Ritz crackers) since dinner Wednesday night. There are myriad details to see to Saturday. ACU wants this event to feel the same as it does back in Moody Coliseum. Academic regalia including gowns and hoods, printed programs (also translated into Malagasy for our guests), a DVD of music including “Crown Imperial” – all have been transported to Madagascar in shipments or in the suitcases of travelers. Graduates, escorts (a family member or friend) and program participants have a walk-through rehearsal in the morning. Each graduate receives a gift – a customized hard-back photo album/book of photographs over the past 4 years prepared by Pam Hadfield (my wife and Dr. Tyson’s assistant). It is a big hit, and provides parents a glimpse into the students’ lives back in Abilene. Many students tell me to tell Pam “thank you” and “we really wish you were here.” I concur.