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Program participants

[Saturday afternoon] The usual: Drs. Money and VanRheenen have major speaking roles, plus special messages from Drs. Tyson and Ravalomanana. Jack Rich provides a scripture reading. Drs. Strader and McCaleb lead prayers. Virginia Chambers represents the Board of Trustees by handing a diploma to each graduate as they cross the stage. Malagasy students with program roles include Aldo Raeliarijaona (leads “Holy, Holy, Holy” and “The Lord Bless You and Keep You”, and co-leads “O Dear Christian College”), Rotsy Rasamimanana and Laza Razafimanjato (speakers), and Adolha Vonialitahina (co-leads “O Dear Christian College”). All of the 24 students perform two a cappella numbers together: “Andriamanitra Fitiavana” and “The Greatest Command.”