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Our humble office

[Friday] Lest you think we are broadcasting from a posh studio on the 10th floor of the tallest building in Antananarivo, well, we are. But as you can see, our work station is a tad on the small side. OK, it’s a 24″ diameter round table. But the double beds are nearby and real comfy. Ryan is shooting digital HD footage (no tape!), but the download time to his laptop for editing can take a while when we return from a day’s work. He also has a few terabytes of space on an external harddrive with him for video storage. My photos (I am not a professional photographer, but know some people who are) are downloaded to the laptop from the Tyson’s digital camera (thanks for sharing!). When Ryan is busy, I hand-write blog entries on a legal pad, and type them into a text file when he takes a break. When the Internet will allow me, I make the final text edits, embed photos I shoot and YouTube video Ryan creates, and publish to We buy WiFi access cards from the hotel front desk in 5-hour allotments; we’re on our 7th or 8th one now. This all makes for some late nights and early mornings, but it’s fun and we enjoy your comments about the blog entries, so keep those cards and letters coming. Unfortunately, most of the good folks on our trip don’t have a laptop or Internet access, so they will have to read about their trip when they get back to the states. Some do get cell phone calls from friends and family back home who describe to them what they’re reading.