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How do you do?

[Friday night] The students and their families requested an opportunity to meet and thank ACU administrators, and Friday night is the best time for most of them since they will be traveling from all 22 of Madagascar’s regions for Saturday’s event. The students wanted a potluck dinner like they have come to know it in Abilene, but after a discussion about what “potluck” might translate to in Malagasy, a sandwich reception is organized in the Carlton’s veranda dining room. This is the first time for most of the families to meet some of the people who have been surrogate parents and mentors to their children the past 4 years. It is a loud and happy evening. It’s hard to believe the week is almost over. Here are some of the photos I gathered at the reception, largely of family groups with their student. Not every student was able to attend the reception tonight. I’ll need help with the captions, so send a comment along if you want to assist.