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The curse in Room 1002

[Thursday] My gut feeling was correct. Now I’m the host of of some vile species of intestinal distress and decline to participate in Thursday’s excursions to a lemur park and Eternal Threads, thinking it unwise to be very far from the bathroom. I hate that for obvious reasons, but also because I’m supposed to be documenting this trip and keeping up with the blog, but I feel terrible. Ryan has rebounded from his ailment, so he’s back in the saddle again – riding shotgun next to the driver as the wheels of our tour bus go round and round. I make a little progress on the blog but spend most of the day in bed. After what Ryan and I have experienced this week, food has lost its allure. I’m not sure when it will return for me. We are staying in a 4-star hotel with excellent food, but I’m avoiding uncooked vegetables and other food travelers are advised to abstain from in out-of-the-way places. Bottle water is a constant companion. Our room now is not only a burgeoning Radio Shack store, but a pharmacy as well. Lots of little white pills and capsules from local drug stores, and charcoal capsules. Valinda Tyson is a professional dietitian and well-armed with meds to cure most anything related to the digestive system. Tommy Lyons comes back from a walking trip to 3 nearby pharmacies (a challenge with the language barrier) with something called Stoppo Vomito (or close to it). Several others have contributed Pepto Bismol tablets, including Pam Money. We are grateful to all.