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TV coverage bonanza

While the group goes out to eat for dinner, I stay in the hotel to work on the blog and not tempt fate with my stomach uneasiness. The group reports when they return that the TVM network broadcast – to Madagascar and all of Africa – included a news story with edited interviews from this morning in the early evening, and later, Teen Talk started with the 4-minute film about the Madagascar Presidential Scholars Program and then included more edited interviews. On another TV station, MBS, two of our graduates were seen being interviewed. Someone noticed that Dr. Gary McCaleb’s name on screen (a TV super is what that’s called) was somehow lost in translation and mine appeared in its place. McCaleb laughed afterward that when he’s in the U.S. he’s known as Gary McCaleb, but when traveling in Madagascar, he goes by Ron Hadfield. I’m sure I looked more distinguished as the vice president of the university, former mayor of Abilene and inductee to the ACU Sports Hall of Fame, but I do want my hair back when he’s through.