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Lunch on Wednesday

We enjoyed lunch Wednesday after a long drive to this Malagasy restaurant on a hilltop near Antananarivo. More kabobs – Zebu and chicken (my choice, as I’m Zebu-ed out), and it tasted great; very tender and much like I’d expect in a Texas-grilled kabob. Sides were rice and fried potato wedges and what looked like pasta and herbs. There was a fresh salad before the entree and generous fruit for dessert, although I am beginning to feel like a war has started in my stomach. Have been cautious about what I’ve eaten, especially knowing what Ryan went through the other night with his digestive system. He is still under the weather and stayed back in the room to rest today. In one of these images you can see our small touring bus, which seats all of us snugly – any larger, and I don’t think it would fit down some of the narrow streets we traverse each day. Many roads seem only large enough for 1.75 lanes of two-way traffic, which means somebody has to either veer to the road shoulder (if there is one) or play chicken with oncoming vehicles. There are people on foot everywhere we go, many of them walking so close to the bus that we could reach out and touch them. People dart out in front of our vehicle and evade being hit about like the Hadfields’ Chihuahua, Sweetie, escapes being stepped on around our house … sixth sense if there ever was one.