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Rating the in-flight movies

[Written Monday night, uploaded Tuesday night. I have some serious catch-up blogging to do because of the crazy travel day Sunday, but because we’re 8 hours ahead of our fellow Abilenians, we hope they are forgiving. The digital camera is kaput, but Ryan will start uploading video clips as soon as our technology behaves.] • 10,000 B.C. – 1 chameleon. How many bad actors does it take to kill a woolly mammoth, after all?
The Devil Wears Prada – 2 chameleons. Why didn’t Meryl Streep’s harried assistant just tell her to go fly a silk kite?
The Bucket List – 3 chameleons. Jack Nicholson was perfect for his role, but I lost interest when it was interrupted by supper at 9 p.m.
Semi-Pro – Incomplete, aborted early on. Too raunchy to watch while sitting next to a trustee from Kentucky.
Fargo – 2 chameleons. Dark comedy, too depressing to watch while recovering from unsettling Survivor dream mentioned previously.
Casablanca – 4 chameleons. First time I’ve watched this classic movie all the way through, honestly. A fitting end to the longest flight of my life, as the nice French lady tells us to prepare the cabin for landing.