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Wired, not

I deeply miss my MacBook Pro laptop, which is sitting on the couch wondering when it will be put in the truck for the drive to the airport. Loading the truck with luggage this morning was not my finest hour. Yep, after considerable time and thought and effort to bring everything I needed to make this blog sing for the next 10 days, I somehow forgot the technology, including the video iPod and all the cool things I was planning to listen and watch the next 2 days on the plane. Because Fed Ex’s overnight service to Antananarivo takes, oh, 4 days, I am resigned to becoming a beggar blogger, using any Mac I can find. So, these first few posts are being written in longhand on a legal pad during the flight, then keyboarded at the next airport’s wireless neighborhood. Fortunately, I burned a GB or two of photos on a backup DVD; images from our Malagasy students’ experiences the past 4 years. So all is not lost. And I remembered to include the photos I collected of Madagascar wildlife (such as this chameleon, which is about the color I turned when I realized my gaffe at the DFW airport) to show you as we travel. I will choose one celebrity traveler in our group to select a Lemur of the Day to post for your educational entertainment, starting Sunday.