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If you come from a home-school background, you may be looking for a university with an intimate learning environment, a campus community that feels more like a family and a culture that fosters authentic spiritual development. We believe you'll find these things - a close-knit, Christ-centered atmosphere for your growth - at ACU.

Home-School Students

Come and meet our exceptional faculty, take a tour of our facilities, attend daily chapel or even sit in on a class. Let us show you why home-schooled graduates thrive on our campus and in our classrooms. Visit us today!

Admissions Process

ACU's admissions process is the same for all high school students. Learn more about the admissions process or apply online now for Spring, Summer and Fall 2016 terms. Contact us at 800-460-6228 or info@admissions.acu.edu if you have any questions.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Our merit-based scholarships are based on a student's SAT/ACT score and class rank. For home-school students, we have a formula that translates your GPA into a traditional class rank. ACU will calculate class rank after a student has completed his/her admissions file. Students may increase their merit-based scholarships until May 1 of their enrolling year (May 1, 2016 for enrollment in fall 2016) by testing higher on the SAT/ACT or resubmitting their senior transcripts. See more financial aid information.


We realize that creating a transcript from your home-school records can be tricky. Our goal is to provide you with resources that help simplify that process, so your ACU admissions process can be pain-free. Get some transcript tips.

Student Spotlight

Amy Morris ('14)
Accounting & Finance
Sugar Land, Texas


"A lot of the values that homeschoolers hold are the same values that ACU tries to implement. My parents wanted me to get a Christ-centered education and wanted family to be a big part of my life growing up. At ACU, the same values are encouraged and sought after."


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