Caleb Reid ('05) | Teacher Education

caleb reid

Ninth-grade teacher
at Judson ISD

Kids who drift toward the back of the room so they can sleep through class tend to drive some teachers crazy - but not Caleb Reid.

He just wakes them up and asks if they're OK. The result is a positive learning environment for ninth-graders in Caleb's world geography classes at Judson High School. 

It was the first job I applied for and the first job I interviewed for, and I got it. I felt blessed.

"They feel like I actually care," Caleb said.

Caleb is in his third year at Judson, near San Antonio, after earning his degree from ACU. He started the job in January 2006, replacing two teachers who had left. The fact that he's still on the job nearly four years later says a lot about him and his desire to reach out to all students - even the ones at the back of the room.

"I ended up sticking around for a while," Caleb said.

His desire to be a part of his students' lives in a positive way goes back to his own upbringing. Caleb comes from a long line of teachers, and he also encountered caring teachers during his school years.

A seventh-grade math teacher who went to Caleb's church saw that he was apprehensive and requested that Caleb be in her class. She took him on a tour of his new school and made him feel special.

"She really reached out to me," Caleb remembered.

Professors who care

Caleb found that same care and concern when he transferred to ACU after one year of junior college. When his step-mother was diagnosed with cancer, Caleb quickly learned that his ACU professors cared as much about him as the seventh-grade math teacher had.

Now, Caleb is carrying that same compassion to his own classroom. He makes a point of learning something about his students so that he can connect with their lives and bring a special moment to their day.

He remembers what his reaction was when teachers connected with him and made him feel special.

"I just tried to do well for them," he said.

Caleb credits his ACU experience with equipping him with the tools he needs to be an effective teacher and also with reinforcing the importance of connecting with students. His step-father attended ACU and his grandfather and other relatives live in Abilene.

His grandfather encouraged Caleb to transfer to ACU, and now Caleb can't thank him enough. Caleb met Bethany Knox, an early childhood education major, at Sing Song. She is now his wife.

And, then he landed a job with no trouble when he graduated.

"It was the first job I applied for and the first job I interviewed for, and I got it," he said. "I felt blessed."

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