Jade Jung ('11) | Chemistry & Biochemistry

Jade Jung

Chemistry major
from Busan, South Korea

Growing up with an autistic sister fostered in Jade Jung (’11) an interest in research. And growing up with a father and grandfather who are both physicians created in her a desire to enter the medical field.

The professors have helped me so much by motivating me to reach my goals. They also taught me getting good grades or getting great internships is not everything I need in order to have a fulfilling life, especially as a Christian.

Jade, a chemistry major who will graduate in December, hopes to focus on both as she enters medical school to become a medical researcher.

"I found strong passion in research because of my sister who has severe autism," Jade explained. "Since I was young, I wanted to solve medical mysteries like her case because I know there are so many people out there battling with their medical conditions or [those of] their loved ones."

Jade has developed strong research skills while at ACU. Dr. Greg Powell, Jade's faculty research advisor, described her as "the most dedicated undergraduate research assistant" he has mentored during his 25-year career at ACU.

Recognized for excellence

That dedication paid off recently as Jade was named a semifinalist for the prestigious Frank and Sara McKnight Award, a national competition designed to recognize students committed to scientific research and with excellent records of academic achievement.

Jade has spent many hours in chemistry labs working with Dr. Powell on improving the synthesis of compounds containing multiple metal atoms and creating new compounds related to potential chemotherapeutic drugs. Last summer, Jade worked as an intern at UT Southwestern optimizing a medicinal compound that is a candidate for treating Alzheimer's disease.  

She has been instrumental in forming a student chapter of the American Chemical Society at ACU "so my department friends can come together and use their talents for good causes," Jade said. "I thought it would be nice for chemistry and biochemistry students to use things they learn from classes to serve our community." To that end, she is organizing the Chemistry Circus for Treadaway Kids and a Chemistry Carnival for local youth.

Originally from Busan, South Korea, Jade  finds herself at home in the ACU community.

"The whole department has been like my family," Jade said. "It is great that I am surrounded by people who really care about me."

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