Chelsey Brumbaugh ('13) | Speech Pathology

chelsey brumbaugh

Communication sciences & disorders
major from Lewisville, Texas

Chelsey Brumbaugh expected to find academic excellence at ACU, but she also got a few surprises during her freshman year.

ACU's diverse student body has definitely opened my eyes. When I am surrounded by students from literally all over the world, I am constantly reminded of the expanse of God's creation.

"ACU's diverse student body has definitely opened my eyes," she says. "When I am surrounded by students from literally all over the world, I am constantly reminded of the expanse of God's creation. He made each and every one at ACU and loves each of us with an unfailing love no matter what race, gender or culture. I love having that reminder every day I'm on campus." 

A few surprises

Chelsey, a junior speech pathology major from Lewisville, Texas, also was surprised by ACU's emphasis on mobile learning.

She had visited the campus before enrolling and was moved by the Christian atmosphere shown through the actions of both faculty and students.

"It's encouraging to walk through campus and see people constantly holding doors open for those behind them, people screaming across the courtyard to their friends just to say 'hi,' and the genuine love of Christ seen in the eyes of others," she says.

She had expected to develop personal relationships with her professors, to find faith the classroom and to choose from numerous research opportunities.

"I chose ACU based on all of these qualities," she says. "But the one I didn't plan on was the knowledge I would gain through ACU's technological advances."

Chelsey was amazed by how the iPhone was integrated into her classes and life on campus. "The iPhone has helped me adapt to the advances made in technology and will help my technological capability when I acquire a job," she says. 

Learning from the best

Chelsey also has been impressed by the quality of ACU's faculty.

"Contrary to popular belief, the iPhone is not the students' primary educational tool - our professors are," she says, noting that more than 80 percent of ACU's faculty have attained their Ph.D. 

Her professors in the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department have been "amazing," she says. "Their love for young adults and their want for each student's success begins the first day of your freshman year. They really listen to your heart and objectives and assist in any way they can to align your godly gifts and passions alongside your education."

Chelsey's particular passion is helping others. "As a speech pathologist, I will have the ability to work with people of all ages, from birth to the elderly, and I will be intimately involved in their struggle to overcome their adversity," she says. "I will have the opportunity to be God's enabler who encourages them in times of weakness and celebrates with them in times of strength."

Now, a year into her education at ACU, the prospect of achieving those goals comes as no surprise to Chelsey at all.

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