Dylan Brugman ('13) | Sociology/Political Science

Dylan Brugman

Hometown: Denver, Colo.

Across the globe, millions lack access to clean and safe drinking water. Dylan Brugman ('13) is determined to do something about it.

"I feel like water is a cornerstone of the human rights campaign. There are lots of human rights abuses that occur every day: sex trafficking, child soldiers, slavery and poor working conditions," says Brugman, a student in ACU's Honors College. "However, water is necessary for life, and millions of people aren't able to secure a potable and dependable source even in the 21st century. Water comes first, and it's a right that God gives us. Without water, we have no life. Seems like more people should be passionate."

ACU has provided me with an opportunity to see that the love of God is tremendous and infinite. ...I've never experienced a community so eager to see their students grow academically and spiritually.

Brugman serves as the director of ACU's chapter of Wishing Well, a national organization committed to ensuring more people have access to safe water. He is passionate about access to water and believes a lack of access is a problem that can be solved in his lifetime. He is determined to be a part of the solution.

"Wishing Well is a student-led organization whose primary focus is to bring clean, potable water to the millions of people around the world without access. We are a fund-raising and advocacy group that partners with other non-profits to drill wells in lesser developed regions," Brugman says. "We use the talents of our student body through art, poetry, music and any other talents to help end the water crisis."

Brugman believes the student body at ACU can make a difference. His group has already hosted multiple events this year, with many events raising more than $500. He believes support from students and administration makes ACU a great place for mission-minded students.

"I think that ACU cares a lot about the work we're doing, along with organizations like International Justice Mission and Red Thread. It's really conducive to the work we're trying to do as a student body," he says.

In addition to raising funds and awareness for individuals who lack access to water, Brugman has noticed another change through his work with Wishing Well. He has grown as a person.

"ACU has provided me with an opportunity to see that the love of God is tremendous and infinite. The community here is so quick to show support for organizations like Wishing Well," he says. "They provide the means to plug in to a ministry and show their constant support. I think Wishing Well is great for harboring and developing the future leaders of the world. I've never experienced a community so eager to see its students grow academically and spiritually."

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