David Fuller ('13) | Online M.Ed.

david fuller

ACU’s online program has helped many students reach their educational goals. One fan of the program is David Fuller, administrator of a Christian school in Bolivia, who earned his M.Ed. in Leadership of Digital Learning while working a full-time job.

"Frequent travel to another country wasn't feasible, so I needed a program that would not require me to attend classes on a campus somewhere, or to complete certain credits at the university," Fuller said.

Fuller, who grew up in the Philippines, has served with his family as missionaries to Bolivia since 2003.

"In 2008, I was asked to step into the leadership role of director for Carachipampa Christian School," he said. "I knew that in order to be effective as a leader, I would need to consider further education.  I wasn't prepared to leave the field to complete this next step, and so I began to look at online education programs at the master’s level."

The ACU program was a perfect fit.

For his master's, Fuller did research on the relationship between learning and technology in the 21st Century, a topic about which he is passionate. He said he is constantly looking for ways to incorporate the newest waves of technology into the classroom for students.

"My hope is to use my degree to improve the quality and the opportunity of education that is available to these kids," he said.

"For a time, this may mean taking a break from the classroom and school environment, but it also opens the door for me to share my experiences with others who may be considering working overseas."

His advanced degree has opened "so many opportunities," Fuller said. "I am a better, more complete person because of the program."  

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