Alumni take stage in Ocean City

Moorlyn Family Theatre

The blue waves of Ocean City, N.J., are being taken over by the purple pride of the ACU theatre department at the Moorlyn Family Theatre.

Seth Bazacas (’09) created and narrates this video introducing the historic Moorlyn Family Theatre and its vision.

What started out as a couple of ACU alumni serving in this Christian entertainment venue has grown to a number of ACU alumni and one current student being hired as high quality entertainers who share the values the family theatre represents.

Known as "America's Greatest Family Resort," Ocean City strives to offer a Christian coastal experience for visiting families. At the heart of Ocean City is the Ocean City Tabernacle that serves as a place of worship, fellowship, Bible studies, seminars, youth activities and concerts.

The Moorlyn Family Theatre, an extension of the Ocean City Tabernacle, is dedicated to letting families experience the intersection of family fun, creative art and redemptive entertainment.

Seth Bazacas ('09) serves as the theater's manager and producer/artistic director. His wife, Jenavene (Hester '09) Bazacas is the production assistant. The production of two new original musicals this summer, "David and the Giant" and "Ocean City the Musical" have been made possible by ACU alumni and students. Curt Cloninger ('76), Amanda Jarufe ('13), Jace Reinhard ('14), Ashley Parizek ('12) and current sophomore Daniel Brown are among the cast.

"Working with ACU alumni has been such a blessing because we all share something so special, a bond that only an ACU student understands," said Jarufe. "We get to reminisce and compare how things have changed through the years at ACU."

The Moorlyn Family Theatre has forged a partnership and embraced the ACU presence in Ocean City. Cloninger and Bazacas have also spearheaded a team that bridges the tabernacle and the theatre, pushing an initiative called "Family Strong."

"They are a team that goes out and engages the community and vendors alike in games, interviews and also performances", said Bazacas. "All of this is in the effort to resource and strengthen families, providing them with quality options from entertainment to family resources."

The successful alumni of ACU's theatre department haven't lost sight of the unique community alumni and students create whether in Abilene or in farflung places.

"We have grown to be a little family up here in Ocean City, and we can share with others how amazing the ACU community is," Jarufe said.

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