Brianna Lien ('11) | Chemistry & Biochemistry


Biochemistry major
from Las Vegas, Nevada

When Brianna Lien pictures herself 10 years from now, she sees two options unfolding before her. She could be working in oncology, diagnosing and treating cancer patients. Or she could be doing reconstructive surgery, working with burn victims and other patients who have undergone horrible injuries. Either way, she plans on spending plenty of time with people in terrible situations.

I couldn't picture myself in a position where I wasn't working with people. I want to be helping people in their most desperate time of need.

"I couldn't picture myself in a position where I wasn't working with people," she said. "I want to be helping people in their most desperate time of need."

She knows will be difficult to experience so much pain on a daily basis. But she's convinced that her work is needed, she said.

Body & Soul piqued her interest

Brianna's desire to help those who need it most stems from a lifelong interest in science. In high school, she took advanced placement science classes and participated in the Young Epidemiology Competition, a program that encourages high school students to think of science in practical, personal terms.

"For as long as I can remember, I liked science," she said. "[It] gives a lot of explanation to what God has already done."

When it came to choosing a college, Brianna was looking for a place that offered a positive atmosphere and a variety of opportunities. While looking at ACU, she noticed the Body & Soul Program, which offers students a chance to shadow local doctors for some real-life experience. She was immediately interested.

"Those opportunities are not offered everywhere," she said.

Small classes, Christian environment

Brianna found plenty of other qualities she liked about ACU. She enjoys the small classes, the Christian environment and the chance to become independent. She likes being able to talk about faith-related subjects in class, pray together or discuss Scripture. And she loves having "deep theological conversations" with one of her neighbors who lives next door in the dorm.

One of the things she's most looking forward to this semester is the chance to participate in the Body & Soul Program - something she thinks is a great experience for a freshman. She'll be shadowing an OB/GYN, and though this is not her dream career, she plans to make the most of the opportunity.

"I'm most definitely looking forward to it," she said. "I want to see it all."

A dream to help less fortunate

Shadowing through the Body & Soul Program is one way to relate what she learns in class to real life, Brianna says. She enjoys her classes and says her professors are intelligent, informed and know their subjects well.

"They're great - and challenging," she said.

As she continues to pursue her dream of entering the medical field, Brianna is also thinking of becoming a medical missionary. She has considered this for two years, and this summer she felt that God confirmed this plan for her life. This particular dream is simply part of her overarching desire to help the less fortunate. 

"I'll be bringing the healing that Christ brought to others," she said.

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