Milene Crossman ('10, '12) | Social Work

milene crossman

B.S., Social Work, 2010
Master of Science in Social Work, 2012
Hometown: Spring Hill, Florida

Milene Crossman moved to Abilene from Florida at the age of 44 to pursue her lifelong dream of studying social work. She chose ACU because she wanted to attend a small Christian university with a strong social work program.

"ACU had everything I was looking for when I first thought about going to university," Crossman says. When she discovered that graduate school would be necessary for her to do the work she was passionate about, she again chose ACU.

As part of her program, she interned with the Mesa Springs Nursing Home in Abilene, where she conducted research about social work students' attitudes toward the elderly for the Pruett Gerontology Center.

Focus on aging

She noticed that most of the social work students at ACU were interested in working with families and children, while very few expressed interest in working with the elderly.

Crossman, however, has always been passionate about working with older adults.

"I always knew aging was my area," she says. "I have always had a fascination with older people. The stories, experiences, the changes in everyday life that they’ve seen and the social graces that they have fascinate me."

Outstanding Graduate Project for 1012

Crossman's thesis was recognized by the ACU Graduate School as the Outstanding Project for 2012.

She has presented her work at numerous conferences, including the 2012 North American Association of Christians in Social Work Conference in St. Louis, Mo. She will again present her research at the Association for Gerontologly in Higher Education Annual Meeting and Educational Leadership Conference in February in St. Petersburg, Fla. She also has been selected to participate in the 2013 annual meeting of the Southwestern Social Science Association in New Orleans in March. She recently passed her state exam to become a licensed master social worker.

Crossman credits ACU with preparing her to make a difference in the lives of the elderly.

"The program is a good all-around program," she says, "ACU prepares you to be a well-rounded social worker."

Crossman encourages people with an interest in furthering their education to not let age hold them back.  

"You will always have your education; it's not anything anyone can take away from you," Crossman says.  "You are never too old for an education."

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