Jacey Ferrara ('14) | Psychology

jacey ferrara

From Austin, Texas

For Jacey Ferrara, it all started with a phone call from Philadelphia. She had been selected to be part of the BuxMont Torch football club, a mission-based Women's Premier Soccer League team out of Pennsylvania.

Ferrara, a member of the Wildcat women's soccer team, is just one of many ACU students who choose to spend their summers serving others.

A higher purpose

The BuxMont club is a competitive soccer team, but its main goal is to spread the news of Jesus, Ferrara said.

"While I was there, we made many efforts to connect with the community, including neighborhoods, school and churches," Ferrara said. "We went to a few schools and youth groups to visit with kids, invited them to games, and gave them opportunities to come spend time and fellowship with us after games."

After every game, win or lose, the club would hand out wristbands to the other team to promote God and the Kingdom.

"The bracelet has five symbols on it explaining that Jesus came, died for our sins, rose again on the third day, ascended to heaven, and is coming back to save us all again," Ferrara said. "After handing out the bracelets, we asked if the other team would mind praying with us. If the other team felt comfortable, we would all gather around in a circle with our arms around each other and pray." Then members from both teams joined for a meal.

Bringing it home

The experience had a lasting effect on Ferrara, and has encouraged her to reach out to people in Abilene.

"Honestly, it was incredible," Ferrara said. "It was so cool to see what they were doing and to see the passion the organization had in sharing the Word. In the month or so I was in Pennsylvania, I learned more than I can even fathom.  I felt like through the experience, God planted a seed in me, and the fruit is still just popping up everywhere. God has been so faithful in allowing my experience in Pennsylvania to guide my path now. I've been able to apply so many of the things I've learned to my life right now." 

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