Cultural Diversity

Diversity is a description of the way God created people. Understanding and respecting individuals who are different from one's self, whether racially, socially, ideologically or spiritually, is a natural outcome of understanding the vast diversity of God's creation.

At ACU, The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) oversees student groups on campus that focus on multicultural diversity. OMA also sponsors a number of programs and events that promote and showcase cultural diversity on campus. The mission of OMA is to enrich the holistic development of each student by encouraging them to recognize and embrace the uniqueness of their personal culture while valuing the culture of others.

Learn more about the on-campus organizations highlighting our international students and the multicultural diversity at ACU.

opening ceremony

Welcome! 歡迎 добро пожаловать ようこそ Karibu Otaagotin Huan Ying ברוך הבא Bienvenidos καλωσόρισμα Dobrodošli ยินดีต้อนรับ Bem-vindos Selamat datang Hwangyong-hamnida svāgat ahlan wa sahlan Bienvenue Willkommen 환영합니다

International Students Association

Mission: The mission of the International Students' Association is to cultivate a community that would help integrate and support international students to grow at ACU. We strive to be a Christ-like community in which students can grow together spiritually, academically and socially. We work towards celebrating and raising greater awareness of the international cultures represented here through our students.


  • Ethnos

African Students Association

Mission: The African Students' Association is an innovative group that seeks to provide supportive communities that shall help students nourish their African identity. We seek to celebrate and raise awareness of the diverse African cultures, on campus, and within the Abilene community.


  • CHOMA Food Festival (fall)
  • REACH Fashion Show (spring)

Black Students Association

Mission: The mission of the Black Students Association is to foster the success and development of the African American student body by creating a community that develops cultural identity and encourages inclusion while upholding Christian morals and policies of Abilene Christian University.


  • Black History Production (spring)

Hispanos Unidos

Mission: The mission of Hispanos Unidos is to foster the success and development of the Hispanic student body by creating a cultural community that encourages involvement and inclusion, while simultaneously upholding Christian morals and policies of Abilene Christian University.


  • Entra a La Plaza (fall)
  • Sopapilla Devotionals

Third Culture Kids

Mission: The mission of Third Culture Kids (TCK) is to empower and build relationships among TCKs at ACU. We aim to support and encourage our members in their transitions while promoting cultural diversity on campus.


  • Retreats

Chinese Students’ and Scholars’ Association

Chinese Students’ and Scholars’ Association (CSSA) has a specific focus on serving Chinese students and scholars, who are half a world away from their homes. CSSA strives to be a passionate organization raising interest and awareness of Chinese traditional and modern culture towards the ACU student body through cultural events and activities of various kinds.


  • New Moon (fall) Chinese New Year (spring/Feb)

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