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Abilene Service Opportunities


Alameda Neighborhood Spring Clean

Description of Service: Help clean up the neighborhood, picking up trash & other debris. Approximately, 4 hours per day required to complete service. Time for task to be performed is 8:30. Work gloves provided. Transportation is not available. Breakfast and lunch is provided.
Number of Volunteers needed: Unlimited.
Location: 650 Corsicanna, Alameda Community Center and neighborhood.
Dates: Starting and ends on 4/2/16
Contact: Jessica Stewart – 325-864-1646 –sunflower.jessica1220@gmail.com

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Big Brothers Big Sisters

Description of Service: Big Brothers Big Sisters “Lunch Buddy” program: Each volunteer is matched an elementary-age child at a local school. Volunteers spend just 30 minutes per week eating lunch with their “Little Brother” or “Little Sister”, all while mentoring through the simple act of friendship. Participants can enjoy playing card games, reading books and visiting during lunch. Each volunteer can choose their own “Lunch Buddy day” that fits best with their schedule.
Number of Volunteers needed: There are 138 children on the waiting list
Location: local elementary schools
during the school year
Contact: Jamie Bearden - 325-674-3113 - jbearden@bbbstx.org
Updated: 9/8/14

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Breakfast on Beech Street

Description of Service: Help set up, prepare and service breakfast to homeless/lower income folks (and possibly talk with those in attendance).
Arrive at 5:00 or 5:30am (see start times below) to help prepare.
Serving time is from 6:30 to 7:15 am - cleanup follows. You should be out the door no later than 7:30 am.
Note: Visit during the daylight so you know where to go in the dark early a.m.; Park at the rear of the building. Ring bell (under handle) on well lit back door.

You may wear a baseball cap/bandana for head covering in place of a hair net. Please call ahead!

Number of Volunteers: Varies by day
Location: First Christian Church, North 3rd and Beech Street
Dates: Weekdays

Updated: 11/5/14

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Buffalo Gap Elementary PTN

Description of Service: We need volunteers to sell tickets and drinks at our school fundraiser featuring a concert by Hinter Hutchinson at Red Dirt pavilion in Buffalo Gap. Friendly service skills. Time preferred for task to be performed 6 - 8 p.m. Two hours per day required to complete task. No transportation provided.
Number of Volunteers needed: 8
Location: Red dirt Pavilion in Buffalo Gap, TX.
Dates: April 9
Contact: Christen Brokaw, 806-543-8437 Chris10dt@yahoo.com
Updated: 03/30/16

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Center for International Education

Description of Service: For almost a decade, the International Students' Association (ISA) has hosted ETHNOS, a showcase of international cultures and creativity for the ACU community and the larger Abilene community. Each year in Cullen Auditorium, various acts come together to perform dances, songs, or other forms of cultural and artistic expression from countries all over the world. ETHNOS is both entertaining and culturally enlightening, but for it to succeed each year we need as many volunteers as possible who are enthusiastic about celebrating diversity and culture. We cannot do it on our own. We will provide transportation if the work involved is off-campus.
Number of Volunteers needed:
Location: ACU Campus
Dates: 10/04/16 - 11/12/16
Contact: Veronica Whitt, ISSC
Phone: 325-674-2821
Fax: 325-674-2966
Updated: 10/17/16

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Center for International Students

Description of Service: Conversation Partners Program. Non-native and native English speakers are paired together to learn about each other's culture and to help non-native speakers practice conversational English.
Number of Volunteers needed:
No specific number
Location: Set by the Conversation Partners pairs.
Dates: A commitment of one semester, with the possibility of extending into a full school year.
Contact: Veronica Whitt — 325-674-2821 — vdw09a@acu.edu
Updated: 10/5/15

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Champions for India

Description of Service: Champions for India connects individuals and groups to the marginalized, hungry, thirsty and enslaved people of the world.We rescue women and children from human trafficking, drill water wells and run preschools in the slums and villages, and we have a home for orphaned and abandoned children. There are many different ways that you can get involved. Whether you want to get a group of friends together or do an individual fundraiser, host a screening of a human trafficking documentary, or join us in prayer, there is a place for you!
Number of Volunteers needed:
No specific number
Location: Wherever you are located.
Dates: You can get involved anytime of the year.
Contact: Katrina Mueller -817-734-9891 katrinam@sowerofseeds.org
Updated: 10/14/14

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Chisolm House-Retirement Center

Description of Service: Games, Piano, Singing, Church Services, etc.
Number of Volunteers needed: As many as would like to come
Location: 1450 E North 10 Th St, Abilene, TX
Dates: Year-round
Contact: Mrs. Janet Payne (325)-665-3717 janetrpayne@gmail.com

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CMA Food Pantry

Description of Service: Input inventory into FileMaker program. Volunteer needs computer knowledge. CMA is willing to purchase FileMaker program. Possibility of using your own computer or the CMA computer.
Number of Volunteers needed: 1
Location: 701 Walnut or personal computer in your home
Dates: 01/09/2017 to 12/31/2017 (1-2 hours per day)
Contact: Becky Almanza – 972-965-5778 – becky@highlandchurch.org

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Communities in Schools

Description of Service: Reading and lunch buddies
Number of Volunteers needed: 10-20
Location: Ortiz Elementary/ Communities In Schools
Dates: anytime between M-F(9-2:30pm)
Contact: Natalie O'Shields, Campus Coordinator
1654 Campus Court, Abilene, TX 79601
325-671-4945 ext. 1907
Updated: 9/11/15

Description of Service: Each volunteer will help tutor local middle school and high school students in a core subject. The areas of highest need are math and science. Tutors who speak a second language are also in high need. Knowledge of the subject you with to tutor, patience, and ability to communicate with students. Will not provide transportation. Volunteers will need to pass a background check.
Number of Volunteers needed: Unlimited
Location: Local schools.
Dates: Once a week is preferred and during the school day. You may become involved at any point in the year. The end date is at the end of the school year.
Contact: Justin Whiteley, Program Coordinator
1654 Campus Court, Abilene, TX
325-232-8712 ext. 203
Updated: 12/4/15

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Elks Building

Description of Service: Need help with moving items and organizing
Number of Volunteers needed: As many as would like to come
Location: 1174 North First Street
Dates: Year-round
Contact: Mrs. Janet Payne (325)-665-3717 janetrpayne@gmail.com

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ESL Tutoring Class

Description: ESL Overseer, to meet up every Wednesday of the semester with assigned student to help with English and knowledge of the bible/Christianity. No skills needed, just to be be understanding, be of Christian faith, and willing to help those who need assistance with the English language. If work is off-campus, there is transportation provided.
Number of Volunteers Needed: 1
Location: Gym at the University Church of Christ, 733 E North 16th St, Abilene Texas 79533.
Dates: Starting from September 2,9, and 23, 2015 and ending on September 30, 2015. 1 hour per session.
Contact: Paulette Haught - 325-660-7285 - haught1@suddenlink.net
Updated: 10/01/15

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Eternal Threads

Description: If you need volunteer hours, we have a lot of this work to be accomplished so you can come anytime during the hours given for any length of time. Give us a call first if you can to let us know you are coming. No transportation provided. Good typing skills and attention to detail. Data entry from 10-4 Monday thru Thursday.
Number of Volunteers Needed: 1 03 2 at any one time.
Location: Eternal Threads warehouse - 101 Walnut St. (corner of N 1st and Walnut)
Dates: Start and End: anytime
Contact: Director, Linda Egle 325-672-6000 - eternalthreads@mac.com
Updated : 03/08/16

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Friends for Life

Description: We work with the elderly and people with disabilities, focusing on those that don't have family or friends to care for them. Some live in nursing homes and some live independently. For nursing home clients, we have friendly visitation, reading to the blind, entertainment, play games, help write letters, special holiday recognition, adopt a grandparent and Gifts for Grannies and Grandpas at Christmas. For those living independently, we have minor household repairs, transportation to the grocery store or doctor appointments, run errands, reassurance calls, change lightbulbs and mow lawns.
Dates: Dates and times are flexible and able to work around students' schedules.
: 301 Oak St., Abilene TX 79602
Contact: Cecilia Barahona - 325-672-2635
Updated: 9/8/14

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Girl Scouts

Description of Service: Be The Role Model She’ll Always Remember. Girl Scouts offers several flexible ways to volunteer. You choose how: a 1 day event, 6 week series, or year-round troop!
Number of Volunteers needed:
Volunteer positions are ongoing and varied. Contact the Girl Scout Office for current opportunities.
Location: Abilene
Dates: Variable
Contact: Michelle Lawson - 325-670-0432 - mlawson@gs-top.org
Updated: 9/8/14

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Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains

Description of Service:Make crafts, swaps, or some other activity for girls and troop leaders coming into the office to get ready for the new year. All supplies will be provided.
Number of Volunteers needed:
Location: Girl Scout Office, 278 S Pioneer Dr. in Abilene.
Dates: 2 hour shifts between 10am and 2pm on September 19, 2015
Contact: Claudia Gravier Frigo, Volunteer Liaison, gravierfrigo@gmail.com, 325-514-2380

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HERO (Hendrick Equine Rehabilitation Opportunities)

Description of Service: HERO is a hippotherpy program. We use horses for therapy for children and adults with special needs. Volunteers will assist a therapist and provide safety and support to clients while they have therapy on a horse. No horse experience is necessary. No specific tools or skills needed. Just have a great attitude and a big smile. 
Number of Volunteers needed:
Location: Located in the Griffin Arena at the Taylor County Expo Center.
Dates: 1 hour 1 day a week between 1:00pm and 5:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays (March 21, 2017 - May 4, 2017)
Contact: Beth Byerly, HERO Volunteer Coordinator, 325-660-3465, herocoord@gmail.com

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Hispanic Leadership Council/Ballet Folklorico

Description of Service:We are needing volunteers to help man three gates by collecting admission fees at the LULAC Softball Tournament at Grover Nelson Park. This is a 24-hour, all-weekend-long event. All money raised will go towards local scholarships as well as Ballet Folklorico de Big Country. In need of volunteers that are responsible, honest, dependable, have a great attitude, an attentiveness to detail, mathematical skills, and great customer service skills. Shifts will be divided into 4 hours each throughout the weekend.
Number of Volunteers needed:
Location: Nelson Park Softball complex; 100 Zoo Lane, Abilene, TX
Dates: 10pm Friday, September 2 - 2pm Sunday, September 4
Contact: Joyce Sledge, Director, 325-665-9880, bfdelbigcountry@gmail.com
Updated: 8/25/16

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House of Faith — Abilene Xodus Youth Group

Description of Service:House of Faith-Abilene Xodus Youth Group is a group consisting mainly of at-risk, unchurched youth. We meet every Thursday to spend time with them, giving them a safe place to be wheo they really are while also giving them the love of Jesus and teaching them in relevant ways they will understand.
Number of Volunteers needed:
Location: House of Faith-Abilene 650 Ruidosa Dr. Abilene, TX 79605
Dates: 5:15pm - 7:15pm every Thursday from September 10 through May 5
Contact: Mike Wilson, Youth Director, 719-963-6012, hofxodus@hotmail.com
Updated: 9/11/15

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House of Faith — Abilene

Description of Service:Assist at Neighborhood Bible Club for elementary children in the neighborhood where they live. Choose to volunteer on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday after school. We meet with children in low income, at-risk neighborhoods one day a week for 1 1/2 hours. We spend time playing with them and then teaching them a Bible lesson with object lessons and crafts. We need college students who are energetic and willing to love these children with God's love. We team-teach the lessons so everyone has a small part. It truly takes very little time out of your schedule, but makes a huge difference in the lives of these children.
Number of Volunteers needed:
Location: Mondays-Riveria Apartments; Tuesdays-Poplar Street and Capitol Ave.; Wednesdays-Alameda Community Center
Dates: January 18, 2016-May 13, 2016 between 3:30 and 5:30pm Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
Contact: Denise Davidson - 325-370-3642 - hofabilene@hotmail.com

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Keep Abilene Beautiful

Description of Service: Litter Clean-ups
Number of Volunteers needed: Small to large groups
Around Abilene
Dates: Whatever works for the group
Nicole Eaves – 325-734-3301 – nicole.eaves@abilenetx.com
Updated: 9/8/14

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Kindred Hospice

Description of Service: Patient Support Volunteer- Provides support, such as companionship, to our hospice patients, who are in their own home or in a nursing facility. Administrative Volunteer- Provides administrative assistance in the Kindred office. Orientation, training, and oversight is provided by the Volunteer Coordinator. A criminal background check is also conducted by Kindred Hospice. Administrative tasks will be performed in our Abilene office. Patient support can be provided either in the patient's home or in an Abilene nursing facility. No transportation provided. Our volunteers are an important component to providing our patients and their families excellent service with dignity.
Number of Volunteers needed: Approximately 10.
1665 Antilley Road, Suite 300 Abilene, TX 79606 - At the volunteer's discretion
Dates: 1-20 hours per month
Amy Turner, Volunteer Coordinator - amy.turner@kindred.com - Office 325-691-9948, Cell 325-864-2740 - Fax 325-793-9203
Updated: 08/25/16

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Kingdom Kids (Beltway Park Baptist Church)

Description of Service: Assist with Sunday morning activities for Kingdom Kids (physically and emotionally challenged children).
Number of Volunteers needed:
Location: Beltway Park Baptist Church, KP 101
Sharla Sanders – beltwaykids@beltway.org
Updated: 9/8/14

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Live at the Park (Concert Ministry Promoter)

Description of Service: Load-in/Load-out: load-in sound and lighting equipment for Lecrae concert the morning of the concert, then load-out the same equipment after the concert (8 am-2 pm / 10 pm - midnight). Able to lift heavy objects. Merchandise sales: staff artist merchandise tables and and sale artist merchandise (5-10 p.m.) Able to work with money. No transportation provided. All volunteers get into the concert free of charge.
Number of Volunteers needed: 8-10
Location: ACU's Moody Coliseum
Dates: Starting and ending on February 11, 2016. About 2-6 hours per day required to complete the service.
From 8:00 a.m. -2:00 p.m. or 5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Contact: Keith Dodderer - kdodderer@suddenlink.net (325)-660-2477
Updated: 01/29/15

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Meals on Wheels Plus, Inc.

Description of Service: Deliver meals to the elderly and homebound in Abilene, volunteer in our kitchen or pantry.
Number of Volunteers needed:
Meals on Wheels office, 717 N. 10th Street
Dates: Monday through Friday
Contact: Jessica Stewart - 325-672-5050 - volunteer@mealsonwheelsplus.com
Updated: 9/8/14

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Mission Abilene Children's Ministry

Description of Service: Need volunteers to teach and interact with the kids. Listen to them, pray with them, sing with them. We have about 25-30 children a week that just need love and attention and who need to learn about Jesus' love for all of us.
Number of Volunteers needed:
2 or 3 per week
3001 N. 3rdSt.
Dates: Wednesdays from6:00-7:30 pm
Contact: Jonna Look –325-338-4956–lookjonna@yahoo.com
Updated: 10/14/14

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New Life Alliance

Description of Service: Its an after School program. Need people to come help kids with homework and then after school programs. Approximately two hours per day required to complete service/task. Yes, there is transportation provided. Anyone willing to come out and help the kids enjoy themselves and learn.
Number of Volunteers needed: 8-12
Location: 2934 Old Anson Rd.
Dates: Starts on September 1, 2016. Ends on May 31.
Contact: Shevajae Sims, Coordinator, 325-232-3796 - Shevajaesims@yahoo.com

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Noah Project

Description of Service: We are having our biggest fundraiser of the year for Noah Project and we need volunteers to help serve food and drinks on April 14th from 6 -11 and also help clean up at the end of the night. On April 15th we will need help all day for our golf tournament serving food and making sure the golf tournament flows smoothly. If you volunteer you get a t-shirt and BBQ on the 14th and we will also feed you if you work on the 15th. Five hours required to complete service. We just need you to be able to serve the food and get assist the people at the party. No transportation provided.
Number of Volunteers needed: 15
Location: 5802 Texas Avenue. The party will be at the "The Round Building" at the Expo Center/Fairgrounds. The golf tournament will be at Diamondback Country Club.
Dates: April 14 -15
Contact: Logan White, Volunteer Coordinator 325-676-7107 loganw@noahproject.org
Updated: 03/22/16

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Oro Negro Chapter of American Business Women's Association

Description: Serving customers in main concession stand, popping popcorn, helping prepare food in kitchen, roving cart and helping move soft drink cartons to drink coolers in concession stands. Customer service, ability to make change correctly and fast food skills. Proceeds from this fundraiser help to provide funds for scholarships. I found names from past student Matt Willoughby who worked two years in a roll and covered a shift everyday.
Number of Volunteers needed:
4 to 6 per shift, 4 hour shifts.
Abilene Civic Center, Downtown N.6th & Pine St.
Friday, November 11th - Sunday, November 13th. Fri- 5-9 pm Sat- 10am-7pm Sun-12pm-6pm
Debbie Hunt, Fund Raising Coordinator, 325-669-1372, debhunt1@suddenlink.net

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Pregnancy Resources of Abilene

Description of Service: We are seeking class facilitators. Each month, we offer classes on pregnancy and parenting to our clients to better prepare them to become successful parents. Volunteers will be expected to lead a class through video content and discussion. Knowledge of the subject is helpful but not necessary. Classes will be 1 to 2 hours in length once a month. We also offer services that include pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, spiritual support, perinatal hospice, emotional support, and support groups. Other volunteer opportunities are available on a weekly basis in helping with office work, administering pregnancy tests, spiritual services, and more. Students interested in teaching, health, child development, family studies, ministry, psychology, social work, communication, and education would all be a good fit. Transportation is not provided.
Number of Volunteers needed: 5
Location: Pregnancy Resources of Abilene
Dates: Varies, 2 hours once a month. During office hours (M 9-5:30, T/W/TH 10-4:30)
Contact: Lydia Dubose, 325-701-7999 lydia@prabilene.com

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REACH @ Abilene North Apartments

Description of Service: Building relationships with at-risk kids and their families through a unique and developing apartment ministry.
Number of Volunteers needed:
over 10 - no limit!
2411 North Willis Street, Abilene, Texas, 79603
Dates: Wednesdays from 4:00-5:30 p.m.
Justin Hatfield (918)-431-2426 justinhat@gmail.com and Kaylie Davis (Student Program Director) (325)-200-9737 knd14b@acu.edu
Updated: 1/8/16

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REACH @ Canterbury Crossing Apartments

Description of Service: Building relationships with at-risk kids and their families through a unique and developing apartment ministry.
Number of Volunteers needed: Over 10 - no limit!
Location: 1250 Yeoman's Rd, Abilene, TX 79602
Dates: Thursdays from 4:00-5:30pm
Contact: Justin Hatfield (918)-431-2426 justinhat@gmail.com and Kaylie Davis (Student Program Director) (325)-200-9737 knd14b@acu.edu
Updated: 1/8/16

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Residents at University Place

Description of Service: Many of the residents at University Place have hand held Technology devices - iPads, iPhones, Kindles, Nooks, etc. and they would like some instruction on how to use these devices. It would also be helpful for some written instructions to be made for these residents on how to use with their devices.
Number of Volunteers needed: As many as would like to come
Location: 1250 E. North 10th Street Abilene, Texas 79601
Dates: Through out the month of March
Contact: Shelly Drennan - (325)-676-9946 - sdrennan@sagora.com
Updated: 2/18/16

Description of Service: Group Exercises - Low Impact, Strengthening, bands, small weights, etc.
Number of Volunteers needed: 2-6 at a time
Location: 1250 E. North 10th Street Abilene, Texas 79601
Dates: Weekly Mornings at 9:30 a.m.
Contact: Shelly Drennan - (325)-676-9946 - sdrennan@sagora.com
Updated: 2/18/16

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Swensen House

Description of Service: Yard Work, House upkeep, Seasonal Decorating and more
Number of Volunteers needed: As many as would like to come
Location: 1726 Swenson St, Abilene, TX 79603
Dates: Year-round
Contact: Mrs. Janet Payne (325)-665-3717 janetrpayne@gmail.com

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The Christmas Store

Description of Service: Organization and set-up of the Christmas Store inventory. Inventory and price donated gifts & toys, etc. Approximately 3-4 hours to complete service. Starting from 9am-12pm or until finished. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. Transportation is not provided.
Number of Volunteers needed: 12-15
Location: 701 Walnut (N. 7th & Walnut)
Dates: October 15, 2016
Contact: Becky Almanza, Director, 972-965-5778, becky@highlandchurch.org

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Wahjay — STEM

Description of Service: Requesting that volunteers take to social media to spread awareness of an Educational effort lead by Wahjay - STEM, a registered NGO in Liberia, West Africa by posting the fundraising website and blog on their social media accounts: Instagram, creating awareness via their snap chat with a catchy phrase, posting pins on Pinterest, sharing posts on Facebook, and mentioning the site on their personal Youtube accounts if one exists. 30 minutes required to complete service. Skills necessary are Internet and social media accounts. The task can be performed anywhere, no transportation provided.
Here are the following websites that need to be spread across social media:
Blog posts:

Fundraising page:

Google + page:

Facebook page:

Number of Volunteers needed: unlimited
Location: 5925 Alameda Rd.
Dates: Start: 3/14/2016 - End: 5/30/2016
Contact: Principal Giewee Hammond - 7133069732 - wahjaystem@gmail.com

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Windcrest Health and Rehab

Description of Service: Description of Service: We are looking for volunteers to come a join us at Windcrest to help create moments of joy for our residents.
Number of Volunteers needed: 5-7
Location: 6050 Hospital Dr., Abilene, TX 79606
Dates: Every day, any time between 8am-6pm. After hours can be arranged
Contact: Mary Gauldin 325-692-1533 MGauldin@windcresthnr.com; gauldin.mary@gmail.com
Updated: 2/9/16

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YMCA of Abilene

Description of Service: Youth mentors, front desk welcoming committee, fitness, sports, housekeeping, child care (6 weeks old to 11 years old), volunteers swim instructors and coaches, youth sport coaches, Special Events throughout the year. Organization, friendly, welcoming, child care experience, caring, assertive, good at following directions, a people person. All other skills will be dependent on the department they are working with.
Number of Volunteers needed: We can use people any day of the week and then large numbers during our events.
Location: 3125 S. 32nd Street. Redbud YMCA, State Street YMCA, St. James Pre-School
Dates: Anytime during the week or weekend. 08/01/2016 - 08/01/2018. At most it will be 4 hours shifts on special events.
Contact: Corinne Coulter, Member and Community Relations Director, 325-695-3400, ccoulter@abileneymca.org
Updated: 7/13/16

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Zambia Mission Fund

Description of Service: Sorting clothes, packing boxes, unloading a truck with items from Global Samaritan. Getting items ready to send to Zambia. 
Number of Volunteers needed: 20-25
Location: Bontke Brothers Construction Co. 102 College Drive (Go through the gate and look for a large group of people.)
Dates: Jan 21, 2017 9AM (3-5 hours depending on the amoount of workers)
Contact: James Estes, Administrative Assistant, 325-338-5118, james@zambiamission.org



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