Students praying in chapel

HCHB and ACU: Pursuing Truth Together

Why ACU?

At Abilene Christian University, we believe finding all of God’s truth requires sincere effort and input from all of us. Through our online graduate programs, ACU allows you to pursue a nationally recognized Christian higher education without the need or expense of relocating and sacrificing family, work, church, and other commitments. Innovative technologies, a faculty of Christian scholars, and an unrivaled commitment to students combine to create an exceptional learning experience.

ACU has partnered with the Homecare Homebase to help drive down the cost of education, ultimately making a master’s or doctoral credential more affordable. As an employee of HCHB, you qualify for a 10% reduction in the price of tuition in any ACU online program. Our goal is to help you grow spiritually and professionally, and we look forward to walking with you on your path of lifelong learning.