Irene Anderson ('13) | Psychology

irene anderson

Mesquite, Texas

Extracurricular activities:  Alpha Kai Omega, Weekend Campaigns, and Psychology Club

Favorite courses:  Intro to Family Studies well pretty much any family studies class, and Social Psychology

Biggest surprise about ACU:   I didn’t know it was affiliated with the Church of Christ tradition so therefore I was really surprised when I walked into chapel and we started singing and there was no music!

You might also like to know:  I did Study Abroad in Summer 2013 with the Psych Department! It was amazing! Words cannot do justice or express how beautiful it was.

Advice to incoming students:  Appreciate everything because before you know it, you’ll be graduating!! Also talk to people you never would have talk to before, fall in love with Christ above all else, and serve the people right next to you.

How has ACU prepared you academically for your future? 

I definitely feel ready for grad school. I have the tools and good communication skills and study skills to retain what I have learned.

How has your experience at ACU impacted you? 

It has made me more accepting of the Lord working in different ways. They also raise up servant armies, and I love that. I love a place where they look to the interest of everyone else except themselves. I have gotten more intimate with Christ instead of pretending to know him.

What have you gained through your involvement with LYNAY? 

I have gained many friends and I realized how amazing this world is by being able to know different people from different parts of it.

What do you hope to do after graduation?  

I hope to go to grad school in Fall 2014.

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