Students praying in chapel

Beneplace and ACU: Pursuing Truth Together

Why ACU?

At Abilene Christian University, we believe higher education should advance us professionally, prepare us for meaningful work, and be achievable in a flexible online format. That’s why ACU’s online graduate programs in business, education, healthcare, and counseling inspire adults to advance professionally and spiritually, while still making time for other commitments. Your pursuit of education should enhance your life, not interfere with it.

ACU has partnered with the Beneplace to help drive down the cost of education, ultimately making a master’s or doctoral credential more affordable. As a result of this relationship, you may qualify for a 10% reduction in the price of tuition in any ACU online program. Our goal is to provide you with skills necessary to advance your career and add more value to your team, and we look forward to walking with you on your path of lifelong learning.